Early in her career, Ann Green recognized a serious problem in the way industrial companies approached public relations, opting for one-way communication with their stakeholders. This realization inspired Ann to rethink common PR tactics, choosing a path of education, candid conversations, and transparency in order to build trust.

Ann is now a nationally recognized leader in building communications between companies and communities. She is the president of Ann Green Communications and has more than 30 years of experience consulting with over 100 companies in 32 states. She is considered a pioneer in developing grassroots conversations between industry and stakeholders—including some of the nation’s largest companies and most well-known activists.

Ann facilitates community dialogue forums and was an integral part of the development of Community Advisory Panels (CAPs), which provide two-way communication between businesses and their stakeholders, including local citizens, elected officials, and regulators. She provides clients with crucial resources, such as stakeholder relationship counseling and training for media interviews and communications. Ann has worked with various industries, including the chemical industry, to develop comprehensive crisis management plans.

Ann holds two degrees: a Master of Science degree in journalism and behavioral science from West Virginia University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and journalism from Glenville State College.


Practitioner of the year
Life Achievement Award

West Virginia Chapter of Public Relations Society of America
Woman of Achievement

Charleston, West Virginia area YWCA
Finalist: Entrepreneur of the year

Entrepreneur of the Year, Sponsored by Ernst & Young
Alumnae of the year

Honored by Glenville State College in 2012
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Phone: 1.800.784.4343
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