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Ann Green Communications has helped hundreds of companies across the country to work with the public and members of their surrounding communities to build successful relationships that benefit both neighbors’ peace of mind and companies’ bottom lines.

Ann Green Communications (AGC) recognizes the unparalleled importance of building trust between companies and the communities that are affected by their facilities and operations.

Without the trust of neighbors, the success of a company can be slowed or even halted by the fear and outcry from the surrounding community. AGC’s first priority when working with companies in industry is to engage a company’s neighbors. This two-way relationship can be highly effective in calming tense situations and building bridges to a brighter future for all parties.

In all the years that Ann Green Communications has been in public relations, their most successful, enduring tool for building relationships between communities and companies is the Community Advisory Panel (CAP). CAPs give all affected parties the opportunity to talk openly and candidly about all areas of concern.

Through transparency and joint effort, decisions can be made based on what is best for all parties. AGC utilizes CAPs to provide an arena to discuss difficult and sometimes daunting issues in a way that benefits all parties involved. AGC’s trained facilitators help to utilize team-building and problem-solving techniques, creating all around positive solutions that could not be achieved without businesses and citizens working all-around.

Giving involved and concerned citizens a say in decision making will ultimately benefit everyone. Ann Green Communications offers site remediation communication services to help companies, communities, and governing bodies foster an open discussion in situations where there is off-site contamination or the potential for it. AGC offers services in which the public have a say in the cleanup process for companies operating in close proximity to their communities.

These services include community liaison panels (CLP), public availability sessions with potentially responsible parties (PRPs), individual meetings with key local officials, and open house or public participation sessions. The professionals at AGC work with clients responsible for remediating Superfund, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), and Brownfields sites.

CRISIS planning AND counseling

While companies go to great lengths to implement thorough safety precautions, no operation is without risk, and planning is crucial to reacting quickly and effectively to an emergency if one does occur. Ann Green Communications’ consultants work with clients on both a local and national level to design, evaluate, and execute the necessary steps to communicate effectively during an emergency.

AGC designs a client-specific, comprehensive crisis management approach that not only plans for emergency response but also includes a detailed crisis communications plan. AGC then provides training to crisis team members and tests the plan in a table-top drill—all designed to assure clients have the best possible preparation should a crisis occur.

Is your organization BUILDING TRUST?


Industrial companies must leverage effective communication with stakeholders to help overcome challenging issues. Ann Green Communications specializes in identifying and preparing trained and capable communicators to make the most of opportunities to communicate with all stakeholder groups including facility neighbors, community activists, and the news media. AGC designs a unique plan and training program for all clients in order to meet their specific needs.

Ann Green Communications’ Media Interview Training provides companies’ spokespersons with the tools needed to deal effectively with the news media. These techniques will help develop relationships that will work in favor of the company, generating positive news coverage. Training covers when to address the media, how to take control during an interview, what to say and how to field tough questions while conveying the company’s message, and more. Workshops are conducted by former television reporters who provide a challenging and realistic media interview experience in a positive learning environment.

It’s not just spokespeople that need to be prepared to address the public. Ann Green Communications’ Presentation Training workshops will instruct employees on creating messages with the audience in mind, preparing an outline or script, and sharpening communication skills. This training session will help employees effectively utilize a presentation as an opportunity to convey the company’s desired message and build rapport with the community.

This type of training is specially tailored to help company executives that are frequently charged with addressing the public or the media. Ann Green Communications offers an individualized Executive Training program, focusing on skill development in the specific areas requested by the client.


The experts at Ann Green Communications bring public relations expertise from years of experience spanning various fields, such as public affairs, corporate communications, and marketing. They offer innovative and effective approaches to sharing your messages with the public.

Public Relations services available include:

  • Crisis Communications Counseling
  • Issues Management and Strategic Communications
  • Media Relations
  • Special Events/Exhibits/Conferences
  • Employee Communications Programs
  • Feature Story Development, Placement, and Publicity
  • Issues Advertising

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