Is Your Organization Building Trust?

It was 1985 and I was working as a public relations consultant for Union Carbide when my career took its defining turn.

During a tumultuous meeting about a chemical release that had made several citizens of Institute, West Virginia ill, I realized: spinning messages about health and safety is not only morally wrong, but it doesn’t even work.

It’s upon this basic idea that I founded Ann Green Communications. For the last quarter-century, I’ve helped clients communicate candidly about their operations and listen to their stakeholders. I’ve come to call it “True Spin.”

Ultimately, the public’s trust is earned. But, how can your firm or organization earn it? It’s all about being credible—being “real.” It’s about listening even when the message isn’t easy to hear. It’s about caring for the people and the community in which you operate.

Take this quiz to determine what level of trust your organization has earned within your community, what you can do to build positive relationships, and how you can establish a healthy, productive partnership with the public.

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