Ann Green is an expert in helping companies build sustainable and collaborative relationships with communities and stakeholders. She is available for speaking engagements covering topics that help with these initiatives and help companies build a public relations plan for the future. You can find some of the presentations that Ann offers below.

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Gaining Public Acceptance of Industrial Initiatives

Public engagement is the most successful approach to the acceptance of industrial initiatives. Those directly affected by a proposed or operating project should have the opportunity to participate in the process and understand the issues involved. Answering stakeholders’ questions and concerns candidly builds stronger relationships, ultimately helping both the community and the company. The long-term success of a company depends on its relationship with the public.

This presentation covers the various elements of a successful public engagement program, including:

Assessing community attitudes and understanding about industrial activity in their area.

Preparing company representatives on how to best address the public and the media.

Identifying community leaders and developing a plan for involving and informing them.

Developing and using various communications vehicles to educate and inform citizens.

Developing a comprehensive communications plan to help achieve goals and objectives.

Working with industry reps, scientists, engineers, and others to assist in the development and presentation of technical information to lay audiences.

This is a content-rich presentation with real-world case studies demonstrating the benefits of taking action and involving stakeholders. Book today to find out how citizens can become your most valuable assets.

The Importance of a Crisis Communications Plan

When a crisis happens, there are two ways that communication can be handled—hastily while reaching for any support available or successfully by following a well-designed plan. The first path fosters fear and frustration, and the latter creates openness and engagement. Crisis communications plans are an absolute necessity for all industrial companies. Through Ann Green’s enlightening presentation, audiences will learn:

  • The importance of a meticulously constructed plan for addressing crises.
  • How to address all concerned parties according to their specific and sensitive needs.
  • Best practices for informing stakeholders quickly and candidly.
  • Techniques that help to avoid excessive negative press coverage.
  • How a structured crisis plan can reduce stress and ensure team preparation.
  • A crisis plan’s role in saving companies from even further damage.

Just as an insurance policy protects against loss, the right plan helps protect a company’s future. Book today to learn more about how a crisis communications plan can benefit your company in pressing times.

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